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PrecisionPro Caliper

Accurate and Versatile: Introducing the Mitutoyo 500-506-10 Absolute Digimatic Caliper - Your Ultimate Precision Measuring Tool!

- Durable Construction: Built with stainless steel jaws, the Mitutoyo 500-506-10 caliper is designed to withstand heavy-duty usage and provide long-lasting durability. This makes it suitable for use in demanding environments where precision and reliability are crucial.
- Absolute Measurement: The Absolute Digimatic Caliper eliminates the

The Mitutoyo 500-506-10 Absolute Digimatic Caliper is a must-have tool for precision measurements in both inch and metric units. With its stainless steel jaws, this caliper offers durability and longevity in any working environment. Its impressive 0-24 inch (0-600mm) range allows for versatile measuring capabilities, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The caliper's high-resolution of 0.0005 inch (0.01mm) ensures accurate and precise readings, enabling professionals to achieve optimal results. Featuring a remarkable accuracy of +/-0.002 inch, this caliper guarantees reliable measurements every time. Whether you are a machinist, engineer, or hobbyist, the Mitutoyo 500-506-10 Absolute Digimatic Caliper is a valuable tool that will enhance your precision measuring needs.